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The importance of music as a core value was instilled in me from a young age. Daily operations in our household included the integration of practical and artistic tasks that led me to a deep understanding of how to think and problem solve. I began studying the cello with my mother at the age of six and we added lessons on the guitar and piano in subsequent years. Upon entering my teenage years, it became apparent that the cello was a clear and primary instrument for me to enter conservatory training.  My mother’s nurturing approach had permanently implanted in me the love of music and the joys of performing. This method was reinforced by my first college teacher, David Wells who further expounded on the importance of developing a strong bond between a student and their teacher. 

It is from this fundamental education that I learned how important it is to find the individual musical gifts that each student has, and to build around them in a systematic and disciplined way. I believe that all students have unique needs that require a tailored technical and musical approach. I am an advocate for having students explore different styles of music from across many cultures and it is through this exposure that I can guide a student through the discovery of the different skills and nuances that each musical style requires. It also serves as a means for a student to develop their own personal voice.


I am a private music lesson teacher for the Wayland Public Schools. I have a home studio where I take students from beginner to adult and teach either in person or by Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google Meet and more. I also travel to homes depending on the distance from Natick, MA. Please contact me for more information and availability.


Peter Zay and EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks perform the music and tell the story of The Three Little Pigs. Thank you to the composer Daniel Dorff and the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra for making this video possible.

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